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07 July 2012 @ 01:51 pm

I was talking to Da-Wen about creativity. What makes you an artist? I've been told you're only a "sophisticated" artist if you can do portraits, fruit with watercolour, and draw objects in front of you realistically. I humbly disagree. While I am a big believer in art basic education, it doesn't make you creative. It makes you skillful (like a carpenter). You can be in awe of the carpenters work but the carpenter based it on somebody else's creativity. In art class, we had to learn to "master" our skill. We draw other peoples styles and learn how to shadow, properly use the mediums, and such. You use other peoples creativity before you can be creative yourself. If you think about all the artists who became famous - to many people, they are not "sophisticated" artists. Look at Jackson Pollock. You know what, though? The man is a pioneer. Somebody had one of his artworks at a garage sale thinking that it's junk and the person( who was an art major) was shocked to see his piece and bought it for $5. Dali and Picasso for instance could draw realistically, but that is not what made them famous. What section is the most popular in the Dali museum? His surrealism work. How about Romero Britto?

If anybody tells you that you're not a "sophisticated" artist. Honestly? Take that as a huge complement. It means you're creative and not just skillful. Learn the instrument, but also learn to carry your own tune.

It's a side note, but here is a great article: Interior designer or decorator?

06 July 2012 @ 03:48 pm

My husband, Da-Wen, and I communicate like childhood friends. We talk of politics, goals, cuisine, and culture. I don’t have to say a word for my husband to know what I’m thinking; he insists my face gives it away. To him, I’m an open book. I’m fortunate to be in a relationship where I still have my own identity. I think that’s important. I have a person in my life who challenges me; encourages me to be more adventurous. There’s nothing worse than to be with somebody who only puts you down and sabotages your every attempt to improve yourself. I’m fortunate not to have such negative energy.

I met him online. Out of all places. Myspace, to be exact. I know, what the hell is that? I don’t quite remember, myself. Da-Wen gave me a sincere, respectful message – so I decided to actually respond. Who would’ve thought I was responding to my future husband? Pure comedy. I took a huge risk by moving to South Florida with Da-Wen to start a whole new chapter. Luckily, the book turned out quite well. I never dreamt of marriage. To be honest, I simply just wanted to explore the world with a pan and paper. I didn’t want to be planted in soil, so to speak. I wanted to move like the wind; I honestly didn’t care where I was going.


I settled down, instead. Da-Wen was the one who planned the whole wedding. On top of that, he helped me pick out a wedding dress, and he let me choose a wedding ring (I got a ruby instead of a diamond). It’s my thing. Don’t judge. I’m not the planner in the relationship. Da-Wen is. Hands down. Da-Wen help me not be so careless and I encourage him to loosen up. We complement each other.

I still move like the wind. The difference is, I have somebody who’s there to share the adventures with.

Without traditional Chinese characters.

adventure in taiwan w/ chinese characters iphone
adventure in taiwan w/ chinese characters iphone by artbyeileenfogg
With traditional Chinese characters. Translation: My heart belongs in Taiwan!

05 July 2012 @ 10:25 pm

I am not a fan of fortune cookies but unfortunately for me, I can be quite sentimental. I usually read, make jokes with my husband, and then chuck them. Not this time. I read, “You will pass a difficult test that will make you happier.” I thought about my ongoing adventure of trying to move to Taiwan. So many postpones, interruptions, and questioning. Sometimes I just want to shake things up. My life on pause; I yearn to be inspired once again. I look at the clock and I feel I’m in the wrong timezone. I drink the sea. I vomit violets. My garden went in flames. Once upon a time, I had a big heart with small hands, but I honestly thought I owned the world. I pull down the shades and see my life in a new angle. I know I’m not the only one who has demons swallowing me whole. Swing set without swings. The leaves turn colour and detach from the trees. I would damage my skin even when there was no tragedy.

I eat poison apples. I fall off cliffs. Mice and their Cinderella stories. Dwarfs and their Snow White thoughts. I fish for love I know deep down, I cannot bare. No one will be having cake. No, not tonight.

I miss taking risks without question or fear. Not that fear is a dreadful thing. It can be healthy in small doses. I don’t mind being heartbroken if it means I can create. I know, all this thinking, how often these thoughts go stale? My brain turns to mush. I may still wear my coat but I honestly thought I would finally be comfortable in my own skin. Even I make a difference. I have a voice of my own; a world I refuse to disown. Even I burn; have asteroids crashing to the ground. Even I try to stay strong to live through the tornadoes. Even I survive {to revive}. Even I fall.

Did I mention I don’t mind being heartbroken? I just want to shake things up.

I still have so much to do when it comes to documents, and such. This will take a while.
03 July 2012 @ 01:26 pm

By the way, the last drawing is new - I just drew that today. There are more ipad cases. artbyeileenfogg's Store at Zazzle. I really hope the quality will be top-notch. I will be back to my regular schedule blogging schedule with a real entry in the upcoming future.

08 June 2012 @ 10:06 pm

Right outside of Xindon MRT station is Mr. Brown (right above 7eleven).

I'm all about their latte.

The cake is moist and quite delicous. I can finally eat a piece of cake without feeling like crap.

Oyster omelette - a Taiwanese speciality.

I am all about this noodle.


There is a walk-way where I can walk from Bitan to Xiaobitan 小碧潭. Sometimes I would walk to Xiaobitan just for breakfast.